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C&J Home Services - Bringing excellence in residential cleaning services and contracting

We are a small family-owned and operated business that understands all the needs of our customers. For many years, we have been pleased to provide Maintenance, Repair and Remodeling Services to homes in Boston and it's neighboring communities. These jobs have been completed with premium care in order to preserve the appearance and value of your property; all of this while providing the best price for the job.


C&J Home Services commits to meeting or exceeding all customer requirements and applicable standards while using high quality products in all our services.   


Understanding, fulfilling and exceeding customer needs and expectations by operating at the highest standards of quality at each and every opportunity. 


Over 20 years of experience in Cleaning and Maintenance Services combined, has given us the knowledge to understand that every project is different and to provide our customers with the best solution possible.    


Our goal is quality service not quantity of services provided.

Jose Polanco

Team Lead Maintenance


Spreading our Customers Love

I have known the people behind C&J Home Services for almost 10 years now and they are hardworking and dedicated folks who are customer-centered, i.e., they work to serve and please their customers. They have helped me keep my home clean and my family happy all these years; they are like family to us! Thank you, C&J for everything that you have done for me and my family.

Jose arrived promptly on all the dates and times he said he would show up. He worked diligently and consulted me every step of the way. He is a problem solver. He helped me keep my costs down by offering practical solutions. Instead of replacing the old screen door, he recommended fixing it, which he did really nicely. When he rebuilt the closet space, he reinforced the plaster wall to ensure that the shelving and hanging bar will hold. He made sure the reinforcement will look seamless and nice. My tenants liked what he did. He applied chemical to remove the algae on my roof one part at a time and completed the work over a week as he said he would. He power-washed our exterior wall to remove moss that grew on it and repainted the garage door. He and his partner, Claudia, and their crew cleaned our windows inside and out, all 25 of them. They did a good job!



Description of work:

Jose and his crew cleaned over 7 feet of snow off our rubber flat roof.

Jose went far above our expectations. When he came to give us an estimate for the job, he was on his way home for dinner. However, he became so concerned about our roof that he spent an hour and half clearing off part of the roof. The next morning he showed up with his four crew members and did an excellent job of removing every bit of the rest of the snow, which was a huge job. What Jose charged us was very fair. We definitely will call C&J Home Services when we need other home repair or maintenance jobs, such as painting, window cleaning, etc.  



Description Of Work:

Power Wash, Rebuild front and side stairs Paint porch Remove and installation of Storm Doors, Cleaned windows, inside and outside. Scheduled and coordinated work through tenant.

Rescheduled due to poor weather conditions (good thing)

Showed up on time and completed work within estimated time parameters.

Customer Comment:

I am really happy with C&J Home Services. They have done a couple of smaller jobs on my house and each one has gone well. They are smart about their work and keep me informed of what's going on so there are no misunderstandings. It's great!

I live out of town and C&J needs to communicate with me, usually by email, but also the phone. They are responsive to my requests and live up to their commitments. Their work is high quality, but geared to their clients budget and expectations. They follow up with an email, including pictures.






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